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Having HTML issues embedding the slideshow, so for now: have a link.
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- Except this is before Havi and Alexis moved in, and we're still waiting for Ha to get here, so there will be more photos after everyone's actually, y'know, here. With all their stuff. Zee and I (um, mostly I) are somewhat lacking in the stuff department. (My inner minimalist cried a little when Havi showed up with throw pillows and bathroom rugs, but hey, I'll live.)

More! )
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Today's trees at least sort of look like trees:

The really fun thing, though, was that after all the rain there was a mini-lake inside one of the trees, with pear blossom petals floating in it.
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We were unexpectedly sent outside to draw trees for today's studio time. Three people that were not, thankfully, me ended up with very bad sunburn. )

I don't like this much, but it was the first time we've had this subject, so that's to be expected.

I do like this photo, though, which was from the middle of today's studio time: )

Also, yesterday's post is now updated and has a link to April's music mix (which, for once, is by sound and not by theme.)
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Things I have and intend to post tomorrow (well, today, but in the real morning), when I've slept and feel less awful (a result of the 4 consecutive all-nighters with naps between):
  • A March music mix, from the 30th
  • A photo of today's (March 31) disaster from art class, with accompanying story.
Things I am posting right now:

The photo was supposed to be of a tree, which may show up in the future, but my art professor surprised me and I jumped away from it. I like it all the same.
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