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Not much done on this, but there's some sketchy stuff and a partial first layer of paint. Who knows when I'll get around to working on it more, and I don't want to forget about posting these or lose them, so here they are.

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Pictured: plain Greek yogurt with coconut, berries, and dextrose (food hacks!); black beans seasoned with I-don't-remember, mung bean sprouts, celery. (Is there anything I won't eat celery with? Probably not. It's fun to use as a utensil, and it's one of my few unequivocally-safe-to-eat vegetables.)

I mostly failed at cooking this week - in the sense that not much turned out nice enough to make me want to take photos, not in the sense that I didn't do it. Which, as you know, Bob, is normally not very conducive to me eating - but homemade tortillas are enough fun to make that I'll forgive them for not being very pretty.

My attempt at maple-oat-soy bread was a pretty spectacular failure that ended up muffins, and I gave those away because I didn't like the texture. (And then went and got bread from the bakery, because I've been craving bread like nothing else...but a day later I'm regretting it. Wheat: still not on the good list.) Homemade soy milk was...messy, and I didn't have cloth to filter it through on hand, so I ended up decanting it. There's labs coming in useful in the kitchen again ;) Next effort may get photographed. 

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I spent today organizing my brain, which ~counts but can't really be photographed. Part of that involved physical cleaning, but there wasn't enough to make for a good photo there, either.

Final exams start soon, but paperwork for summer housing is before that, and afterwards is moving day. I fully intend to spend the summer doing the mental equivalent of spring cleaning, because I have all this stuff that isn't working for me or needs repurposed or reframed or repaired. Moving will help with that, I hope. I am not unpacking a single thing until I know where it belongs, even if that means living out of boxes for a week. (I'm not really sure if I'm talking about my mind or my living space, at this point. Not that they're so different to begin with.)

Also, because I have been linking this everywhere: this is interesting. (Well, for people who find things titled "Exploring the link between reading fiction and empathy: Ruling out individual differences and examining outcomes" interesting.)


Apr. 6th, 2011 08:46 pm
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He (and everyone else) is shocked when Kyy shows up.
For one thing, having a winged serpent show up in your bedroom is slightly unnerving at the best of times. For another - as he keeps insisting - he's not a mage.
That's not keeping the thing from mother-henning him, though, or making it leave. Goddess knows why.
He glares at it where it lays sprawled across his books, and it chuckles in it's peculiar, hissing laugh. "I'm not moving, you know."
Evyren huffs and puts on his most intimidating voice. "I have work to do, you infernal creature!"
Kyy smirks, which is particularly unnerving given the fangs. "That village to the south is imagining things - there's no monster, only a few hungry wolves. That yearmate of yours doesn't turn 15 for another 2 weeks, you have plenty of time to come up with a suitably impressive gift. And as for that origin myth you've been researching, I happen to know where you can find an answer, but I'm not telling you until you've had a break."
"Useless reptile."
"You're of little use sleep-deprived and hungry, and I'm still not moving."
Evyren mutters under his breath and stalks out of the room.
Kyy hears things flying about and crashing into one another in the kitchen - this kid can't do anything the normal way, can he? - and settles down for a satisfied nap. 
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  1. Veda Hille, "26 Years"
    • this is, I am / so beautiful and fierce / this is, I am / violence and holy words
  2. Allison Crowe, "Skeletons and Spirits"
    • you always think that you are fearless and right, but I think that you are afraid in the night...
  3. Andrew Bird, "Heretics"
    • held our breath for too long, 'till we're half sick about it
  4. Dido, "Do You Have A Little Time"
    • if you're feeling low and lost today, you're probably doing too much again
  5. The National, "Secret Meeting"
    • didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?
  6. Matthew Good Band, "The Boy Who Could Explode"
    • there's more than one way to be okay
  7. Our Lady Peace, "Made of Steel"
    • it's not your fault it gets this hard
  8. Carbon Leaf, "What About Everything?"
    • holiday quiet on these streets, except for some stubborn leaves that didn't fall with the fall
  9. Amy MacDonald, "Spark"
    • don't worry, I'm ok, I'm ok now
  10. Catie Curtis, "Falling Silent In the Dark" 
    • and it's so strange to be apart, falling silent in the dark.
  11. Catherine Feeny, "Unsteady Ground"
    • you should know by now: there is always something moving under your feet
  12. Mary Gauthier, "Our Lady of the Shooting Stars"
    • are you in the briny mist? do seagulls scream your name? 

Individual songs and .zip here.


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