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Having HTML issues embedding the slideshow, so for now: have a link.


Jun. 12th, 2011 03:28 am
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Right, so - I have photos from the end-of-semester portfolio review, it's just a matter of cropping them all and uploading them. Eventually.
For now, have some icons:


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Today's trees at least sort of look like trees:

The really fun thing, though, was that after all the rain there was a mini-lake inside one of the trees, with pear blossom petals floating in it.
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We were unexpectedly sent outside to draw trees for today's studio time. Three people that were not, thankfully, me ended up with very bad sunburn. )

I don't like this much, but it was the first time we've had this subject, so that's to be expected.

I do like this photo, though, which was from the middle of today's studio time: )

Also, yesterday's post is now updated and has a link to April's music mix (which, for once, is by sound and not by theme.)
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Things I have and intend to post tomorrow (well, today, but in the real morning), when I've slept and feel less awful (a result of the 4 consecutive all-nighters with naps between):
  • A March music mix, from the 30th
  • A photo of today's (March 31) disaster from art class, with accompanying story.
Things I am posting right now:

The photo was supposed to be of a tree, which may show up in the future, but my art professor surprised me and I jumped away from it. I like it all the same.
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