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This is a placeholder for this month's music mix, or possibly another mix, which with any luck I'll post tomorrow. Right now? I am unpacked on the other side of a four-hour drive and ready for sleep.

You can has music! Selected songs from Blackfire (self-described "Indigenous High-Energy Political Rock/Punk"), Carbon Leaf (pop/folk rock + celtic/bluegrass), Elvenking (a folk/power metal group from Italy that's oddly reminiscent of TSO), and Guiomar Novaes (a Brazilian pianist who may be first among favorites), available for individual download and as a zip.

...It's  actually not as strange of a combination as it sounds. :P

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  1. Veda Hille, "26 Years"
    • this is, I am / so beautiful and fierce / this is, I am / violence and holy words
  2. Allison Crowe, "Skeletons and Spirits"
    • you always think that you are fearless and right, but I think that you are afraid in the night...
  3. Andrew Bird, "Heretics"
    • held our breath for too long, 'till we're half sick about it
  4. Dido, "Do You Have A Little Time"
    • if you're feeling low and lost today, you're probably doing too much again
  5. The National, "Secret Meeting"
    • didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?
  6. Matthew Good Band, "The Boy Who Could Explode"
    • there's more than one way to be okay
  7. Our Lady Peace, "Made of Steel"
    • it's not your fault it gets this hard
  8. Carbon Leaf, "What About Everything?"
    • holiday quiet on these streets, except for some stubborn leaves that didn't fall with the fall
  9. Amy MacDonald, "Spark"
    • don't worry, I'm ok, I'm ok now
  10. Catie Curtis, "Falling Silent In the Dark" 
    • and it's so strange to be apart, falling silent in the dark.
  11. Catherine Feeny, "Unsteady Ground"
    • you should know by now: there is always something moving under your feet
  12. Mary Gauthier, "Our Lady of the Shooting Stars"
    • are you in the briny mist? do seagulls scream your name? 

Individual songs and .zip here.


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