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Current project: editing a friend's novel. Sometimes this happens near bedtime, and my commentary gets increasingly snarky: 

I've also got photos of my latest culinary adventures, once I get them onto my laptop*. Experimental bread that doesn't suck**, and (finally) tortillas that look pretty enough to share. 
Also poking at the narrative for The Novel I Might Be Writing. And for the Sherlock piece.

*As my laptop is being obstinately weird (for values that mean I'm running off a live CD at the moment***), that may be soon or it may not. 
**And just in time for the spectacularly failed "maybe it was the HCFS and not the wheat bothering me?" experiment. Two days of eating wheat and I'm sore, anxious, mopey, and can't sleep. Come back, happy brain chemicals! Come back!
***I don't like Unity. They moved things. I knew where they were, and now all of them are hiding from me! Do not want.


Apr. 10th, 2011 02:50 am
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What I've done today: met my roommate for next year, done a ridiculous amount of paperwork, and solved physics problems. The physics problems count, I had to draw diagrams! *falls over*

Bit of a fake day, I know. But I'm also trying to work out a subject for my art final, and study for 2 exams on Monday, and I've been writing papers for the past 3-4 hours so I can register for classes (it's a long story).

I'd like to come up with a few more icons for this place. Expect icon(s?) tomorrow, and Real Art on Monday.


Apr. 10th, 2011 02:32 am
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Found a chapter of this lurking in my gdocs folder; added a bit to it and posted it.

"Garcia, is this room clean?"

She gives him a puzzled look. "It's a little dusty, but--Oh!" Cue embarrassed flush. "I did a bug sweep early yesterday, sir. I thought it was prudent, with Section Chief Strauss out for blood." Aaron gives her a nod.

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Things I have and intend to post tomorrow (well, today, but in the real morning), when I've slept and feel less awful (a result of the 4 consecutive all-nighters with naps between):
  • A March music mix, from the 30th
  • A photo of today's (March 31) disaster from art class, with accompanying story.
Things I am posting right now:

The photo was supposed to be of a tree, which may show up in the future, but my art professor surprised me and I jumped away from it. I like it all the same.


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