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Two of the multiple things I made on Cook All The Things! night shortly after moving in - lucky you, they got photographed together in some spots, so they're being posted together too.

Oatmeal Squares! )

Sunflower cakes! )
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First it was fake legos, because everyone likes cubey castles and towers and such.

And then... )
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Current project: editing a friend's novel. Sometimes this happens near bedtime, and my commentary gets increasingly snarky: 

I've also got photos of my latest culinary adventures, once I get them onto my laptop*. Experimental bread that doesn't suck**, and (finally) tortillas that look pretty enough to share. 
Also poking at the narrative for The Novel I Might Be Writing. And for the Sherlock piece.

*As my laptop is being obstinately weird (for values that mean I'm running off a live CD at the moment***), that may be soon or it may not. 
**And just in time for the spectacularly failed "maybe it was the HCFS and not the wheat bothering me?" experiment. Two days of eating wheat and I'm sore, anxious, mopey, and can't sleep. Come back, happy brain chemicals! Come back!
***I don't like Unity. They moved things. I knew where they were, and now all of them are hiding from me! Do not want.

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Pictured: plain Greek yogurt with coconut, berries, and dextrose (food hacks!); black beans seasoned with I-don't-remember, mung bean sprouts, celery. (Is there anything I won't eat celery with? Probably not. It's fun to use as a utensil, and it's one of my few unequivocally-safe-to-eat vegetables.)

I mostly failed at cooking this week - in the sense that not much turned out nice enough to make me want to take photos, not in the sense that I didn't do it. Which, as you know, Bob, is normally not very conducive to me eating - but homemade tortillas are enough fun to make that I'll forgive them for not being very pretty.

My attempt at maple-oat-soy bread was a pretty spectacular failure that ended up muffins, and I gave those away because I didn't like the texture. (And then went and got bread from the bakery, because I've been craving bread like nothing else...but a day later I'm regretting it. Wheat: still not on the good list.) Homemade soy milk was...messy, and I didn't have cloth to filter it through on hand, so I ended up decanting it. There's labs coming in useful in the kitchen again ;) Next effort may get photographed. 

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I have a doctor's appointment at 11 and a dentist appointment at 3, and hopefully I'll have the other photos back up tonight. But in the meantime, since keeping myself fed has become an art of its own, lately...
home-made peasemeal
Food! )


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