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Not much done on this, but there's some sketchy stuff and a partial first layer of paint. Who knows when I'll get around to working on it more, and I don't want to forget about posting these or lose them, so here they are.

more )
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So here's one of them. And there are some more under the cut. I think I'll do a few themed posts, instead of sticking everything in at once, so, in no particular order:  Drawings!  )

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Today's trees at least sort of look like trees:

The really fun thing, though, was that after all the rain there was a mini-lake inside one of the trees, with pear blossom petals floating in it.
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We were unexpectedly sent outside to draw trees for today's studio time. Three people that were not, thankfully, me ended up with very bad sunburn. )

I don't like this much, but it was the first time we've had this subject, so that's to be expected.

I do like this photo, though, which was from the middle of today's studio time: )

Also, yesterday's post is now updated and has a link to April's music mix (which, for once, is by sound and not by theme.)
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Still looking for that balance between accuracy and expression.
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I'm swamped with other work, so here, have photos of my midterm project:


My professor is always telling us to develop the whole instead of drawing piecemeal, but I think I actually consider the composition more when I do it the other way around. I should fix that.  
This is also the project that surprised her so much - she was actually a little sad that it was "so clean", which is when it sunk in that art is about the imperfections and stylizations. We create, not copy. Artists lie using reality.
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The promised disaster from yesterday's art class. I was already frustrated and emotional, and that carried over into studio time.
Points made by my art professor I'd do well to remember:
  • My job is not accuracy, but believability, emotion, and movement.
  • The struggle is an important part of the process.
  • Sometimes you have to go outside and jump up and down and scream. "Sometimes it takes that much."
I did, after trying for the better part of 2 hours to ignore my frustration and keep trying, end up leaving the room for 10 minutes and having a quiet crying spell in the bathroom.  Unsurprisingly, when I went back to work, everything fell into place.


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