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This is a placeholder for this month's music mix, or possibly another mix, which with any luck I'll post tomorrow. Right now? I am unpacked on the other side of a four-hour drive and ready for sleep.

You can has music! Selected songs from Blackfire (self-described "Indigenous High-Energy Political Rock/Punk"), Carbon Leaf (pop/folk rock + celtic/bluegrass), Elvenking (a folk/power metal group from Italy that's oddly reminiscent of TSO), and Guiomar Novaes (a Brazilian pianist who may be first among favorites), available for individual download and as a zip.

...It's  actually not as strange of a combination as it sounds. :P

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If you were wondering what I was doing at 2 am on Easter morning, wonder no longer:
The correct answer: writing barely-disguised porn. )
No promises on whether the rest of this will ever see the light of day, but I have a Haley/Hotch/Rossi scene in my mind that won't quit.


Apr. 11th, 2011 03:28 am
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See? Icon. Ta-da.


Apr. 10th, 2011 02:50 am
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What I've done today: met my roommate for next year, done a ridiculous amount of paperwork, and solved physics problems. The physics problems count, I had to draw diagrams! *falls over*

Bit of a fake day, I know. But I'm also trying to work out a subject for my art final, and study for 2 exams on Monday, and I've been writing papers for the past 3-4 hours so I can register for classes (it's a long story).

I'd like to come up with a few more icons for this place. Expect icon(s?) tomorrow, and Real Art on Monday.


Apr. 10th, 2011 02:32 am
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Found a chapter of this lurking in my gdocs folder; added a bit to it and posted it.

"Garcia, is this room clean?"

She gives him a puzzled look. "It's a little dusty, but--Oh!" Cue embarrassed flush. "I did a bug sweep early yesterday, sir. I thought it was prudent, with Section Chief Strauss out for blood." Aaron gives her a nod.


Apr. 6th, 2011 08:46 pm
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He (and everyone else) is shocked when Kyy shows up.
For one thing, having a winged serpent show up in your bedroom is slightly unnerving at the best of times. For another - as he keeps insisting - he's not a mage.
That's not keeping the thing from mother-henning him, though, or making it leave. Goddess knows why.
He glares at it where it lays sprawled across his books, and it chuckles in it's peculiar, hissing laugh. "I'm not moving, you know."
Evyren huffs and puts on his most intimidating voice. "I have work to do, you infernal creature!"
Kyy smirks, which is particularly unnerving given the fangs. "That village to the south is imagining things - there's no monster, only a few hungry wolves. That yearmate of yours doesn't turn 15 for another 2 weeks, you have plenty of time to come up with a suitably impressive gift. And as for that origin myth you've been researching, I happen to know where you can find an answer, but I'm not telling you until you've had a break."
"Useless reptile."
"You're of little use sleep-deprived and hungry, and I'm still not moving."
Evyren mutters under his breath and stalks out of the room.
Kyy hears things flying about and crashing into one another in the kitchen - this kid can't do anything the normal way, can he? - and settles down for a satisfied nap. 
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Of course, yesterday continued along the way this week has been going, so I ended up an hour late to studio after sleeping through my alarm and missing work. I'd like to think I'd have found more of this picture if I'd had that extra hour.
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Still looking for that balance between accuracy and expression.
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I'm swamped with other work, so here, have photos of my midterm project:


My professor is always telling us to develop the whole instead of drawing piecemeal, but I think I actually consider the composition more when I do it the other way around. I should fix that.  
This is also the project that surprised her so much - she was actually a little sad that it was "so clean", which is when it sunk in that art is about the imperfections and stylizations. We create, not copy. Artists lie using reality.
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Things I have and intend to post tomorrow (well, today, but in the real morning), when I've slept and feel less awful (a result of the 4 consecutive all-nighters with naps between):
  • A March music mix, from the 30th
  • A photo of today's (March 31) disaster from art class, with accompanying story.
Things I am posting right now:

The photo was supposed to be of a tree, which may show up in the future, but my art professor surprised me and I jumped away from it. I like it all the same.
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The promised disaster from yesterday's art class. I was already frustrated and emotional, and that carried over into studio time.
Points made by my art professor I'd do well to remember:
  • My job is not accuracy, but believability, emotion, and movement.
  • The struggle is an important part of the process.
  • Sometimes you have to go outside and jump up and down and scream. "Sometimes it takes that much."
I did, after trying for the better part of 2 hours to ignore my frustration and keep trying, end up leaving the room for 10 minutes and having a quiet crying spell in the bathroom.  Unsurprisingly, when I went back to work, everything fell into place.
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  1. Veda Hille, "26 Years"
    • this is, I am / so beautiful and fierce / this is, I am / violence and holy words
  2. Allison Crowe, "Skeletons and Spirits"
    • you always think that you are fearless and right, but I think that you are afraid in the night...
  3. Andrew Bird, "Heretics"
    • held our breath for too long, 'till we're half sick about it
  4. Dido, "Do You Have A Little Time"
    • if you're feeling low and lost today, you're probably doing too much again
  5. The National, "Secret Meeting"
    • didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?
  6. Matthew Good Band, "The Boy Who Could Explode"
    • there's more than one way to be okay
  7. Our Lady Peace, "Made of Steel"
    • it's not your fault it gets this hard
  8. Carbon Leaf, "What About Everything?"
    • holiday quiet on these streets, except for some stubborn leaves that didn't fall with the fall
  9. Amy MacDonald, "Spark"
    • don't worry, I'm ok, I'm ok now
  10. Catie Curtis, "Falling Silent In the Dark" 
    • and it's so strange to be apart, falling silent in the dark.
  11. Catherine Feeny, "Unsteady Ground"
    • you should know by now: there is always something moving under your feet
  12. Mary Gauthier, "Our Lady of the Shooting Stars"
    • are you in the briny mist? do seagulls scream your name? 

Individual songs and .zip here.
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The art homework won't even be started until after midnight, though. Have a few sentences from the fic I've been working on for the past few days instead.  
He goes over and over possible escape plans until he works himself into a panic, and then spends a good deal of time examining the rusted ironing board in front of him. There's floral fabric under the grime, and it strikes him as being very out of place. He's been kidnapped by a man who presses his shirts, evidently often enough that his secret lair requires a floral-print ironing board.
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